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Cozy in the softest chair
Waiting for words to find me there
With coffee or perhaps tea
Whichever tickles the fancy, see?
Go on now and take a look
I won’t bother you further with a poem you mistook
As something worthy of your heed
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Poetic Musings

My collection of poetry birthed from thoughts about life and all that goes with it.


“If the heart could speak…would it shed tears of mourning for the scarring of the soul? Dragging steal across bone, carving in “I’m not enough…”

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Celestial Song

“What flows into song cannot be unsung, the motion of the world long moved undone…” Within each note is a chain to something far beyond ourselves, calling us home.

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Beyond the Stars

“All that we are bound into flesh and bone” Love transcends all, an echo transversing the cosmos, intertwining two hearts, two fates for all of time.

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Hope a poem


“Hope holds all we will ever be” The last swan song signalling the changing of the tides. In a world cloaked in darkness, we look towards the horizon.

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Whisper of the Waves

Whisper of the Waves

“The sea, she sings a song only she can hear…” Time seems to hold its breath and just stand still. It’s only you and the movement of the Earth.

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Story Poems

Home for all my stories spun on the back of poetic verse. 
From tales of Oracles to battles for the cosmos, whatever the inspiration, let yourself be swept away.

The Oracle

“As the final hour draws near, it is the fate of mankind that brings you here” The Oracle tells the tale: Every journey forward is a deeper journey within.

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Ambient Spoken Word videos

Discover your favourite poems in a new light. With a special soundtrack composed for each poem, enchanting visuals to take you away and a characterised reading by yours truly. 


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“Every heart has a story to tell”

- Lindsey Hon Rubendall -