© Lindsey Hon Rubendall

Lindsey Hon Rubendall

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Beyond the Stars

© Lindsey Hon Rubendall

All that we are bound into flesh and bone

Or an essence transversing the cosmos,

far beyond into the depths of the unknown

An echoed chamber of infinity’s beauty

within your eyes I behold


The throbbing rhythm of the universe,

a song of souls encompassed in the stars

Only a reflection of our beating hearts

A reminder of what we are


With your hand entwined in mine

Our stories rippled across space and time 

A gravitational pull ordained by the hands of fate

Caught in the orbitational allure of one’s soulmate


At the foundation of all I have ever known,

crossing far beyond the bounds of sinew and bone

A call of two hearts, intertwining twin cores

My soul will always search every lifetime for yours

L. A. Hon Rubendall

About this poem

True love never dies.

Call me a hopeless romantic, but I believe that love is the most powerful force in the universe. It transcends all boundaries, makes superheroes out of the most unlikely people (and animals), and its absence can bring us to our knees.

Pure loving energy is an immensely healing, vividly shining power. Have you ever met someone that absolutely oozed the energy of love? Didn’t that person just seem to glow?

I think there is no better thing to strive for than love. It’s the soul’s fuel, the force of our inner growth, and the last thing we hold before we leave this plane of existence. Those who have lived a life full of love, giving unselfishly themselves and receiving it in turn, are the ones who pass on with the least regrets. 

Throughout human history, there have been countless stories of a love so powerful it seemed to defy all else. That rare kind of love that seems to be written in the stars. Two souls so connected, so destined for one another, that lifetime after lifetime, they cannot rest until they are once again united as one. Soulmates.

We dream of such a love in songs, stories, art, movies, poetry – every outlet of human expression. There are more songs written about love than any other subject, because it is the one thing that moves us all.

But don’t just dream of love, live it. Let it shine in your life as if you’ve never known heartbreak.

May love always light your way.

Poetry Corner

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