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What to Expect

This is a collection of acrylic paintings on paper and more long term canvas projects that I haven’t yet released (see Paintings Preview).

This gallery will always grow and change with my style and paintings. 

Paintings - Preview

A selection of teaser previews for upcoming releases. 

Unlike some of my acrylics on paper, these paintings are more time consuming, on a larger canvas, detail oriented and painted with a tiny, tiny brush. No matter the size of the canvas, my go-to brush is a 0/3 – some might call that torture, I call it a quest. A quest to capture every colour, texture, and detail that captivates my eye. The tinier the brush, the more I can hone in on the true essence of what I am attempting to bring to life. 

For me, the true beauty lies in the details.

Acrylic on Paper

This collection hosts a variety of styles, and despite the title, mediums. The “Early Works” collection comprises of watercolors and colored pencil, each with a notably different artistic technique.

After a long pause between those pieces and “Peaceful Buddha“, the first in the subsequent collection, a new style was beginning to form. It was with these acrylic on paper pieces that I continued to experiment with my tiny brush technique and honing in on the details. “Floating” is the latest piece in this selection. 

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“Life is in the details. There is so much beauty in every colour, shape, line, form - to capture the essence of the eye, that's every artist's dream”

- Lindsey Hon Rubendall -


Inquiries about any of the works you see? Drop a line!