© Lindsey Hon Rubendall

Lindsey Hon Rubendall

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Celestial Song

© Lindsey Hon Rubendall

What flows into song cannot be unsung

The motion of the world long moved, undone

A freeing of the heart, mind and soul

Capturing the beyond, learning to let go

To hold wisdom yet still not to know

for what greater cause the wind within does blow


A painful and treacherous path a heart must take

to understand severity for destiny’s sake

Courage the inward creed lest clouded with doubt it forsake

Escaping from the lungs, with echoed vibrations in its wake


Heaven discernible as the rising sun in an ethereal capture,

a trilling crescendo remarked of an angel’s rapture

Woven within a seraphic bird’s hymn, so clear

Let not her aria fall on intently deafened ears


A consummate yearning to escape within those notes

Carrying her away, beyond the universe, into the unknown

Reflected in the unrestrained flight of her heart’s soaring song, 

flowing over the shockwaves of time to a far away place she belongs

L. A. Hon Rubendall

About this poem

What power is carried in a voice?

Is music not our linking chain to a powerful connection with something beyond? Something so vast words can barely scratch the surface of its meaning? 

This poem is an expression of letting that heart song fly. Granting it the power to explode up from the lungs, through the vocal cords and soar out into the universe. Connecting with heart, mind and spirit. Knowing always that our existence is but a small drop in an infinite ocean. But in those notes, we find a place we can call home.

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