© Lindsey Hon Rubendall

Lindsey Hon Rubendall

Poetry Corner

The Oracle

© Lindsey Hon Rubendall

Into the forest the path does go

winding, turning, over hill and trough

The secret whispered, echoing through the leaves

Softly she beckons, the call resounding in every seed


A pounding drum ringing in my ear

Up ahead into the meadow the path becomes clear

The doe, with her great omniscient eyes

leads me on in long, elegant strides


Winding along the clearest stream

the mist coating my vision like a dream

Radiating a vibrant glow

there’s more than meets the eye in the waters below

A touch of the water across my skin

giving light to all that lies within

Shedding away the darkest parts

illuminating only the purest heart


In the way ahead a bridge appears

beneath the great willow, grown from the oracle’s tears

Under her gaze the soul bares all

the secrets she whispers are those we seek most of all


The lady of the mist calls me to her

Her voice ringing with each softly spoken word:


“Fire burns across sea and sand

darkness engulfing even the greatest land

As the final hour draws near,

it is the fate of mankind that brings you here

If there is to be a way

that light once more shines upon the day,

man must see what he will not,

something he once knew but has long forgot

A force that beats in every living thing

from rock, to tree, to great winged things

No matter how great or small

a heart and soul beats within us all

No one kind is greater than the other

but each equally a brother, sister, mother

As war pounds with its beck and call

only love can save them all”

L. A. Hon Rubendall

About this poem

Within every journey upon the path of life, there is immense wisdom to be gained. 

A journey can do many things, whether it is giving us insight to ourselves, shaping the way we see the world, or inspiring us to change course and voyage off on new paths. Journeys of any kind lead us to inner epiphanies that will seem as if they were so clearly there, right in front of our face, all along.  

Yet, we don’t have to physically jet off to far away lands to feel as if we have journeyed far and wide. Diving into and exploring our inner world can be just as, if not more enriching for self-discovery – mind, body and soul.

We all have our own personal oracle, the inner voice of our higher selves. Our wisdom giver holding the right answers and guidance just for us – if we can only find the quiet to listen

Whenever you feel lost in life, turn not only to those around you, but even more so to the depths of yourself. Therein will always lie all the answers you will ever need. 

Fear not the road ahead, for every path, when true, leads to the heart.

The oracle in my story calls us to remember that we too are joined with all things on this Earth.

Through technology and the modern way of life, so many of us have become completely detached: Remembering not the origin of our souls nor recalling that, that which we destroy breathes precious life just as we do. 

Life is precious, irreplaceable and it is fleeting. The decisions you make today shape your tomorrow, for you and the world. What legacy do you leave Mother Earth?

Poetry Corner

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