© Lindsey Hon Rubendall

Lindsey Hon Rubendall

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Whisper of the Waves

© Lindsey Hon Rubendall

The wind rustling gently in the swaying palm trees

White sand sliding as she moves across the shore

She can hear the distant waves calling

Whispering her name, a beacon before

As the sun shimmers across the waters so blue

the pull in her heart is deep and true

The sea she sings a song only she can hear

Its sweet ringing like gold to her ear

While others feel lost under her vast, turbulent waves

it embraces her like a mother, cradling her babe to her chest

No matter how far the journey or how wide

she carries the song of the sea deep inside

A heart is never lost when it rings true,

a part of the soul that will always call back to you

L. A. Hon Rubendall

About this poem

That sound when you stand at the ocean.

The rush of the waves slapping on sand and rocks. A steady beat repeating, echoing, flowing and time seems to hold its breath and just stand still. It’s only you and the movement of the Earth. The incredible vastness of the universe expanding beyond your small being. Something so grand that we can only ever have a sense of, but no matter how hard we try, can never truly comprehend. But we feel it.

It’s a feeling, a voice that carries on the wind and the waves. Telling us we are part of something greater – if we but take a moment to listen. 

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