© Lindsey Hon Rubendall

Lindsey Hon Rubendall

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Battle for the Throne

© Lindsey Hon Rubendall

There is a story rarely told

of a battle that was a terror to behold

The heavens clashed, banged and boomed

Each against the other, impending doom


Once a friend now a foe

The stars reflected the hate of the mortals below

The Lightbringer bore Leo away

striking out the light of day


As darkness settled across the sky

it was ambitious Scorpio to cry, 

“Alas! A vacant throne!” 


The remaining eleven gathered ‘round

First scratching their heads with a frown

The King of Beast ne’er to be seen

How in the heavens could this be?


The Twins in their cunning 

were the first to see

finally the time had come 

for clever minds to lead


Their conniving much enraged the Bull

but ‘twas the Ram who felt it was his turn to rule

“Twisted serpents ye all be! 

There is none as glorious as me!”


The three of the sea conspired to be 

the most powerful indeed

But the Goat would not bow out without a fight

much to deadly Scorpio’s delight


With a clash of horns against claws

the Maiden stood in horror watching it all

“Oh can’t you see what you do? 

You all believe the other isn’t as good as you!”


Off she raced to the Justice of the Stars

Perhaps the Scales can indicate where they are

Tipped to the right? Or tipped to the left?

Good Libra will know what’s best


But the Waterbearer blocked her path

and as she cried out, he laughed

“The time for harmony is over! 

The throne is mine to takeover!”


An arrow zipped through the air

just missing Aquarius by a hair

And which champion should Virgo behold?

But the Archer standing there so bold

“To the Scales we race my Lass, 

harmony must be restored fast”


Libra tipped her scales back and forth

as Sagittarius cried out,

“Dear Libra, who is to rule henceforth?”

She replied, “A restore to the balance there must be. 

It is the Lightbringer who holds he.

Purest of heart and wisest of mind, 

there is no other to lead the Divine”


Off to her lair on the horizon they adjourned

and brave Sagittarius tried his turn,

“Oh Bringer of Light, Bringer of Love,

please restore to us now our Sun above!”

She cackled at the Archer’s plea

“He is mine now, take your leave”


“But chaos and darkness rule in his wake!

You must see that taking him was a mistake!”

The Maiden cried out, heart forlorn

for how it hurt to see her friends so torn


“Ah but you don’t see! 

Finally there is no light in the sky brighter than me!

As for the King of Hearts, I disagree

For it is I who is the Goddess of Love you see.”


The Maiden sank to her knees, 

it was just no good to plea

As a soft voice whispered the key,

Look within, there a portal be

but only the purest of heart have the power to free


Understanding what she must do

She looked deep inside to what she knew was true

Her heart glowed with a powerful light

The Archer stood in awe of the magical sight


With a flash the scene cleared

the King of Beasts having once more appeared

The Lightbringer shrieked with rage

“How dare you escape from your cage!”


Leo radiated with intense golden light

The Goddess of Love fell silent in her fright

His words were spoken with powerful calm,

a truth she knew all along

“My dear there is no need to challenge me, 

we all have glory in the heavens, as was decreed”


His words boomed through the clouds

covering the battle as a shroud

“It is the duty of all of us to lead,

as the protectors of mortal man 

we are tasked with this deed.

So listen close and take heed,

for all of our gifts there is a need.”


Battered and bruised, they each looked about

His words were true, to that they had no doubt

Bowing their heads as the King of Hearts appeared

Ashamed of what had brought them here


As Aries embraced each Twin in tow

and Scorpio turned to his dear friend Leo

It was no longer a matter of foe against foe


No matter how clever, strong or wise

it is the purest heart that makes a leader inside

L. A. Hon Rubendall

About this poem

A vision of an epic battle for the cosmos.

I have always been fascinated by the great mythological stories of old and the vastness of the heavens. Perhaps it was my constant looking up at the night sky and my endless romanticism that birthed life into this tale that otherwise came to me seemingly out of the blue. 

Are not stories there to take us away to another place? To express the dwellings of the subconscious mind through metaphor?

Upon writing this tale, I felt I could have expanded this story much much more, but decided to limit it as it was the longest poem I had ever written at that point. I found myself thinking, how long is too long? Who wants to read this? Yet, I know in my creative mind there is so much more to be said for this story, so I see this as the shortened version, the first draft of a bigger tale yet to come.

The stage is set.

Poetry Corner

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