© Lindsey Hon Rubendall

Lindsey Hon Rubendall

Poetry Corner

Through the Eye of the Heart

© Lindsey Hon Rubendall

We are not all meant to be the same 

Our differences the magical flavour to the flame

Enriching our ideas, minds and souls

Contrasting characters drawing us out to be bold


Bereft of this we would be amiss

A plainness mass in an unending abyss

of rigid and stagnant automatons

undistinguishable from the throng


Yet from this we so resolutely seek to depart

our distinctions rather wrenching us apart

Instead of finding in our hearts to hear

that which our neighbours hold so dear

We judge and condemn with no end 

Besieged, our adverse views we must rigorously defend


Reasons, though different they may be

cloak only a core that desires to be free

If we look through our hearts and not with our eyes

each of us is a teacher, conflicts our lessons in disguise


Great wisdom though it may take

it is a far better path than that at stake

A world in which individuality is shamed and scorned

humanity’s tender kindness and acceptance deeply mourned


With compassion do open your ear

to what those on the opposite side ask you to hear

A call for protection, lest that which they love disappear

Not an other, not a fiend, but a person with a heart and a dream

Respect given is respect received, a parting of ways less aggrieved 


As divergent as the stars above

extend a hand filled with love

L. A. Hon Rubendall

About this poem

“If we look through our hearts and not with our eyes…”

What profound insights would we have about those standing opposite us? The eyes can be deceived, but the heart, lit by love, cannot. 

Individuality is a beautiful thing – yet, I feel like that is one of the first things we judge about one another. “We are not all meant to be the same,” nor can we be! Goodness, what a boring, uncreative place our planet would be! 

Different cultures, ideas, ideals, inspirations, beliefs, you name it, truly make up that magical flavor! The great ideas come when those from the “opposite side” push your buttons and expand your mind. Without our polar opposites we would never grow and never be in balance.

We are all so very different, yet in our hearts so very much the same. I personally find that heartening and take from that this simple principle: No matter how far apart we may feel from one another, if we look to our hearts – that which binds us all, we can always find common ground. 

We aren’t meant to agree, but we are meant to love. Always be looking for that heart on the inside. Even the hardest shell hides a gooey center. 

Poetry Corner

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