© Lindsey Hon Rubendall

Lindsey Hon Rubendall

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© Lindsey Hon Rubendall

Escaping through the sands of time

a sublime rush running down your spine

The colors flow, ebb and swirl

spinning around in a vibrant blur


Freely falling into the arms of the clouds

Yet no way is up and no way is down

Here at the edge of this place

there is no meaning to time and space 


A place where dreams come to dwell

only those who seek can know this as well

Where the deepest hopes live and breathe

Once wrapped in the magic, you never wish to leave


In the depths of every heart

lies the hidden door with wisdom to impart

When the time is right, you will see

that it takes a dreamer to find the key

L. A. Hon Rubendall

About this poem

Isn’t it magnificent that in our dreams absolutely anything is possible? 

We are completely unencumbered by the laws of reality or any restraints we put on ourselves. For once we can just spread our wings and fly. 

Some say dreams are the songs of our subconscious – an insight to what we truly think and feel if our stubborn “day brain” would just let it through. We all have dreams, wishes, aspirations. Isn’t it nice to think there is a place where we can just embrace them? Grab them? Twirl them around and dance in their splendour? To feel what it would be like if we were truly free?

I believe dreams, the ones that sit right in the heart of your soul, should never be ignored. These are the dreams that don’t just float through at night, but call to you each waking moment. 

It is for those dreams that we live, love and breathe. Your heart will always tell you what you really need, what path to follow, what’s right for you.

Be a dreamer and listen 

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